Prices are negotiable directly with the homeowner. The best way to negotiate the price is through messaging with the homeowner. 

When negotiating with a location owner, the most valuable information to them is typically how many people will be in your cast and crew, and how long of a production day you have planned.

The prices up on the listing keep in mind an average production of about 15 people (sometimes going comfortably to 20) and a 10-12 hour day.

Give them an idea of how invasive your production will likely be. Then, you can let them know the budget you’re working with and ask if this will work for them. Some homeowners might not be comfortable hosting productions for under a certain price point, but it does not hurt to ask. On average, a few hundred dollars under their daily price will be the lowest they feel most comfortable for an average commercial production. 

Set Scouter does not determine rates and simply invoices on the price agreed upon by the producer and homeowner. You will be able to write in your negotiated price into your booking form when you decide to book the location.

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