We are committed to making the scouting and booking process as transparent as possible. Here are some fees that are sometimes overlooked:

  • Viewing Deposit:
    There is a nominal amount (dependent on the city) collected when you make a viewing request that is credited back when you book the space.

  • Taxes on service fees:
    Set Scouter only collects tax on services fees for bookings in Canada. All US location rental rates are tax-exempt. 

  • Security Deposit:
    A deposit collected prior to production day and held during the production. They’re typically $1000 per production day. Certain properties or productions may require a larger security deposit. 

  • Overtime Penalty:
    Overtime penalties are claimed at the location’s discretion and are incurred once a production begins or continues outside the the agreed upon booking hours.

  • Damage Transfer Fee:
    In case of damage claims, producers are charged a 10% transfer fee on the total amount collected.

If you need clarification on viewing deposits, taxes, or security deposits, please contact your account manager or email help@setscouter.com

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