Set Scouter specializes in 1-2 day commercial productions, with about a 12 hour day and a cast and crew size of about 15 people. You can expect these types of productions to take up the  main rooms in your home, along with a holding space for equipment, cast and crew.

This is normally what you can expect with most initial inquiries, and what we suggest you base your daily rate around. These types are productions the most common, but we definitely don't limit smaller and larger sized productions from reaching out to you.

Negotiating your daily rate is welcome on Set Scouter as well. If a production is longer or bigger, and you want to charge a higher fee to accommodate any inconveniences, please let the producer know! Set Scouter monitors the agreement between you and the production, and ultimately it's your house, so your rules! 

You are not committed to any production until you click the "accept" button on a final, official booking request sent to your email. (Note: this is not the same as a viewing request)

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