Overtime charges start once a production runs past their promised wrap time. This is up to homeowners to decide to claim.

The time penalty is 10% of the negotiated booking rate every half hour over the promised wrap time, starting one minute after (minimum of $50/30 mins, up to the maximum of $150/30min). A 10% transfer fee will be deducted from this claim to go to Set Scouter.

What is a transfer fee?
The transfer fee is a portion of your overtime claim that is deducted. It is 10% of your total overtime payment, including tax for Canadian payouts. Regular booking rates are not subject to this transfer fee.

Here is an example of an overtime claim for a location booked at $1000/day.
The confirmed wrap time is 20:37PM. The promised wrap time was 20:00PM. This would make it 2 half hour intervals.

$100/30min x 2 intervals = $200
Minus the 10% transfer fee of $20
Overtime claim payout will amount to $180.

This total booking payout including overtime claims is:
$1,180 for locations where HST is not collected. $1,177.40 for locations within Ontario, Canada.

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