Upon booking your location, you will be able to review the items we will need in order to confirm the booking. This includes a pre-payment for the location, and separate invoices for the remainder of the rental payment and security deposit, as well as insurance requirements. Set Scouter collects the rental fee and holds it in escrow until the end of the shoot as which point we will release payment to the homeowner, and refund the producer’s security deposit, after any claims are settled.

We only collect credit card payments for the safety and security of our transactions.

We strongly encourage you not to pay homeowners in cash or cheque prior to the shoot as this does not guarantee your location booking. The only way to protect yourself and to make sure that your location is properly booked is through Set Scouter’s payment process. Set Scouter is not responsible for any production that is booked outside of its platform.

Please make sure all payments are processed 24 hours prior to the shoot. Please contact help@setscouter.com if there are special circumstances.

When your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email and so will the homeowner.

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