The viewing fee on Set Scouter is in place for the safety and security of our homeowners and is non-negotiable. 

The viewing fee is required, because we want to make sure that producers are serious about each location before the homeowners make themselves available. We found that many of our homeowners were burning out from hosting many viewings with no bookings. This fee encourages you to be more selective. 

What we suggest is collecting as much information from the homeowners beforehand to help short list your options and save on some of the deposits. Please feel free to ask them any questions or ask for additional photos! That way when you do go see a space, the homeowner knows you’re serious about the potential booking, and will be more accommodating to your requirements.

We understand how the costs for viewing fees and add up and eat into budgets. Because of this, viewing fees are discounted on the space that you book, and will credited to your account if you choose to come back and book those homes in the future! 

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