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Location scouting recommendations during COVID-19
Location scouting recommendations during COVID-19
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Note: Set Scouter recommends production teams follow municipal, provincial/state, or federal guidelines on stopping the spread of COVID-19.

As per social distancing guidelines, we suggest that scouting location be done virtually when possible (i.e. video call and tour with owner). If a viewing requires a physical presence, Set Scouter suggests the following:

  • Limiting crew members visiting the location and ensuring that there are not too many occupants present.

  • For residential locations, consider having family members leave the premises (i.e. go for a walk) while the viewing is taking place

  • Keeping 6’ distance between people on the location

  • All visiting crew should wear face covers, gloves, and booties (or an alternative pair of shoes) for the duration of the scout.

  • Gloves should be changed if visiting multiple locations

  • Keep your conversations outdoors when possible

  • Avoid touching any door handles, fixtures or appliances in the home. If a light needs to be switched on or a door needs to be opened, ask the location owner to do so on your behalf.

  • Location owners should prep the space by turning on lights and opening doors

  • Give extra consideration to the size of the location when deciding between options, as you’ll need your crew to maintain a safe distance from each other throughout the shoot.

  • Communicate plans to ensure the space is kept sanitary before, during, and after the production.

Other recommendations:

  • Self-driving to scouts when possible. If carpooling, everyone should be in face covers, gloves, etc.

  • Drivers should also wipe down vehicle interiors (seats, handles, etc.) each time a person exits.

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