Pre-production recommendations during COVID-19
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Note: Set Scouter recommends production teams follow municipal, provincial/state, or federal guidelines on stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Communicate health and safety processes with those on set, including locations. We anticipate an increase of coordination between departments to keep everyone safe. When preparing for your production, Set Scouter suggests the following:

  • Producers should have all shoot attendees complete a questionnaire to determine their risk of having contracted COVID-19. Once they’ve been cleared, follow up often to confirm that they’re all still in good health leading up to the shoot.

  • If a crew member has been to a high risk country or been in contact with a confirmed case, it’s recommended that they not participate in any shoots for a four week period.

  • Prepare by having backup crew and cast in case team members become ill before filming.

  • Prepare by having backup locations, especially for residential locations where the occupants may get sick.

  • Anticipate schedule inefficiencies or delays due to increased cleaning requirements and health and safety procedures.

  • Consider staggering call times to help limit the number of people on set at one time.

  • Clean and quarantine any props, costumes, or gear that will be used on set when possible.

  • Consider providing personal protective equipment, disinfectants, and cleaning supplies for those on set. Due to these items being in high demand, we recommend purchasing supplies well in advance.

Other recommendations:

  • File city permit applications as early as possible to avoid getting caught in any backlog that may occur when regulations change.

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