There are certain claims that Set Scouter cannot accept because of the complexity of the resolution process. These claims must be handled by an existing insurance policy, if any, and cannot be submitted against the producer’s security deposit on Set Scouter.

Claims Set Scouter cannot accept include;

  • any vehicles, vehicles that are not covered by the insurance policy for such vehicle, or any costs relating to vehicles (e.g., towing, etc.)

  • sentimental value of items

  • artwork (e.g., paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc.)

  • depreciation or diminished value of vehicles or other items

  • damage to flooring (e.g., hardwood, concrete, carpets including area rugs, runners, and door mats, etc.)

  • damage to grass landscaping (e.g., grass, sod, artificial grass, etc.)

  • food items (e.g., spoiled food, alcohol, etc.)

  • value of personal time

Set Scouter cannot mediate any of the above claims. It is the responsibility of the production and location to work together with the existing insurance policy, professional arbitration, or legal means. View our Terms of Service.

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