Some homeowners may have experience renting their home out for a much higher rate. This is often because the home was used for a large or high budget shoot such as a movie or TV show. 

These projects are intrusive and time consuming so you are often compensated higher. Typically these kinds of productions will also take over your whole home, are more invasive and require things like permits. A higher fee will accommodate things like putting you and your family up in a hotel for a few days, using your home for storage and housing a cast a crew somewhere between 50-100 people.

It is for this reason that Set Scouter focuses on one-day shoots, with small crews — they are in and out before you know it.

Set Scouter specializes in 1-2 day compact commercial productions, so these are often less invasive, shorter and have a smaller cast and crew. For now your rate is based on a 1-2 day commercial production lasting about 12 hours per day with a cast and crew of about 15 people. You do not need to leave your home and rarely does a production take up more than just the main parts of your home.

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