Upon booking, the producer will pay online and Set Scouter will hold these funds in escrow until the end of the shoot.

After the shoot, our team will follow up with both you and the producer to see how everything went. Once you confirm there are no claims, we will release the payment to you and the producer's security deposit.

You’ll receive the payout through your preferred method of payment once the shoot has wrapped. You can select your payout preference through your Set Scouter account. Multiple payment methods may be added and you may designate a default payment method.

Set Scouter will attempt to pay you via your preferred payment method. We may require a different method and may split payments for select productions. An account manager will notify you in advance of any changes to your payout method.

In the rare case that there are overtime or damage claims, Set Scouter will use the security deposit provided by the producer to compensate you accordingly, and release the payment once all claims are settled.

If you have trouble accepting a payment method, please contact help@setscouter.com.

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