Set Scouter does not determine or set production hours, however our average production request is usually between 10-12 hours per day. This is what you can normally expect daily rates on listings to be based on.

Ultimately, we work with the hours you agreed to with the homeowner. You can negotiate the number of hours and wrap time. 

Set Scouter is only here to monitor that you do not stay on the property past the agreed upon hours. We do this to ensure that the homeowners are treated with respect.

The charge for overtime is 10% of the daily rental fee per for each half-hour segment of overtime in excess of the agreed upon wrap time. Eg. Rental fee of $2,000 will result in an overtime fee of $150/half hour past the agreed upon time. The minimum overtime rate is $50/30 mins and maximum is $150/30 mins.

This fee incurs after the first minute of the wrap time. These fees are high because we encourage you to communicate reasonable and realistic end times for your production.

We encourage you to negotiate and communicate the wrap time with breathing room. It would be best if you don't get charged any overtime payments!

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