Preparation and communication are important factors in avoiding and settling damage claims easily. Here are a few suggestions to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  • We recommend a walkthrough of the space prior to set up and after the production.
  • During the initial walkthrough, it’s important to point out anything that needs special attention. (e.g. fragile items, older furniture, etc).
  • Place high-value belongings or sentimental items into a secure area to keep them away from the production teams.
  • Sometimes, productions unplug appliances due to sound issues. Check your fridge and appliances immediately after the production to ensure they are turned on.
  • Clearly mark which areas of the home you would like to remain off limits (example: closet in master bedroom, home office, storage room etc.).Communicate any areas that may be off-limits.
  • Communicate any areas that may be off-limits to the production crew (e.g. closet in master bedroom, home office, storage room etc).

If your location is not returned in the condition it was left in, take photos of the spaces before cleaning or filing a cleaning claim. If there are any damages found on the walkthrough, please send photos to immediately