Here are some common reasons where people have trouble using our verification software?

  • My link doesn't work: Our unique verification links expire after 7 days. If you are having trouble or your link has expired, contact Set Scouter at 
  • Is there an app? No app is required and no software will be required. Veriff temporarily uses your mobile device’s browser. 
  • Grant camera permission: You may be required to give temporary access to your camera and microphone to complete the verification.
  • Find good lighting: Dark rooms and strong background light result in low quality photos which are tough to analyze. Also, please remove glasses, headphones and all other headgear that make it harder to identify you.
  • Make sure you go through verification on your own: If the system senses any signs of coercion, it may decline the verification.
  • Take readable ID photos: Make sure the entire identity document fits in the markers. If the photo you take is blurry or poorly lit, click “Try again” to take a better one.
  • You and your ID: Sometimes you’ll be asked for a selfie with your ID document in the same frame. In this case, make sure you and your document are in frame, in focus and readable so that both are sharp and can be clearly identified.

If you still require assistance, please feel free to reach out to your account manager or email