Set Scouter prioritizes a smooth and secure payout process for location rentals. Upon booking, the production pays online and Set Scouter holds these funds in escrow until the end of the shoot.

Productions without claims:

After the shoot, our team will follow up with both you and the producer to see how everything went. If there are no claims, we will release the payment to you and release the producer's security deposit.

Setting up a payment method:

You'll be prompted to set up your preferred payment method when you receive your first booking. Please note: this page will not be available until your first booking. You may add multiple payment methods and designate a default option for convenience.

Set Scouter aims to pay you via your preferred method. However, we may require a different method or split payments for specific payouts. Any modifications to your payout method will be communicated in advance by an Account Manager.

Productions with claims:

In the rare case that there are overtime or damage claims, Set Scouter will use the security deposit provided by the producer to compensate you appropriately. Payments are released once all claims are settled.

If you encounter any challenges with accepting a payment method or have payment-related questions, please reach out to us at