To enhance the visibility of your listing on our platform, incorporating relevant keywords and photos are essential. By following these optimization tips, you can increase the visibility of your listing and attract the attention of producers seeking spaces like yours. Here are some tips to optimize your listing effectively:

  • Comprehensive Description:
    • Create a comprehensive description that highlights important features and repeats relevant keywords throughout.
    • Ensure the description provides a clear understanding of your space.
  • Utilize the "Features" Tab:
    • Take advantage of the "Features" tab to provide detailed information about your space and list all the unique features that make your space stand out.
  • Custom Keywords in the "Design Styles" Tab:
    • In the "Design Styles" tab, add custom keywords that align with your space to increase visibility in relevant searches.
  • Showcase Your Space with High-Quality Photos:
    • Include a generous selection of high-quality photos that showcase your space's unique features.
    • Capture various angles and perspectives to give producers a comprehensive view of the space.
    • Don't forget to include all the areas you are open to shooting in, such as garages, laundry areas, basements, etc.

Learn more about helpful tips on how to capture great photos for your listing.

If you would like additional help optimizing your listing, our Location Department offers a Listing Consultation service for a small fee — book a consultation.