Preparing for a production is simple. We recommend the following to ensure that your location is ready;

  • Removing any unneeded items from required rooms (e.g.: don’t leave laundry on a couch, or clothing on the edge of a bed, remove magazines from coffee tables).
  • Placing any important or sentimental items in a safe place.
  • Clearly marking which areas of the home you would like to remain off limits (example: closet in master bedroom, home office, storage room etc.).
  • Communicating with your family, tenants, or roommates about what to expect from the production by sharing with them the details of the shoot.

Before the production, you’ll also receive our 'Production Tips' email. It’s important to thoroughly read through this email before each production, as it goes over the expectations for both parties and provides additional tips to help ensure the shoot goes smoothly.