Set Scouter specializes in 1-2 day commercial productions, with about a 12 hour day and an average cast and crew size of approximately 15 people. You can expect these types of productions to take up the main rooms in your home, along with a holding space for equipment, cast, and crew.

Negotiation is welcome on Set Scouter. If a production’s schedule is longer or their footprint is larger, you can request a higher fee to accommodate any inconveniences. As well, producers may inquire about accommodating a lower rate if their footprint is small.

Ultimately, it’s your space — so you decide which productions you’d like to host and what rates you're comfortable with. Set Scouter is here to make sure that what you’ve agreed on and discussed with the producer is honoured.

You’re only committed to a production when you click "accept" on a booking request. (Note: accepting a viewing request does not commit you to a production)