Set Scouter offers a variety of payout preferences based on your country and currency. You can select your payout preference through your Set Scouter account. Multiple payment methods may be added and you may designate a default payment method.

Set Scouter will attempt to pay you via your preferred payment method, but may require a different method for select productions. An account manager will notify you in advance if a different payment method is required. Learn more about receiving payments through Set Scouter.

If you request a replacement check/cheque or fail to deposit your electronic transfer, fees may apply. The following fees will be deducted from your payout:

Payment Method and Fees

Check/Cheque (USD/CAD) - $35

US Check Express - $65

Electronic Transfers (i.e. Interac/Zelle) - $20

All fees are withdrawn in the payment's currency. The above fees are in addition to any existing fees.