To capture your listing in the best possible way and attract potential users, here are some valuable photography tips to follow:

Example of ways to photograph spaces for Set Scouter

  • Horizontal Orientation:
    • Take photos in a horizontal orientation to capture a wider view of the space.
  • Utilize Light To Illuminate the Space:
    • Photograph during the daytime and open blinds or curtains to allow natural light to illuminate the space.
    • Ensure all lights are turned on to create a well-lit environment.
  • Keep Surfaces Clear:
    • While staging is not necessary, make sure surfaces are free of clutter to present a clean and inviting space.
  • Capture the Entire Room From Multiple Angles:
    • Stand far back or in corners of the room to capture the entire space within the frame.
    • Take photos from different angles to showcase different perspectives and highlight key features.
    • Don't forget to capture hallways, laundry rooms, garage interiors, and other notable areas of the property.
  • Focus on Popular Spots:
    • Kitchen, living room, master bedroom, kids' rooms, large bathrooms, basements, backyards, and garages tend to attract the most attention. Be sure to include photos of these areas in your listing.
  • Supported File Formats:
    • Note that the site supports PNG and JPEG formats. Make sure to change the file format on your phone before uploading any photos.
    • Directly adding videos to your listing is not supported at the moment. To share a video with a producer, please contact us at

If you require professional photography services, please reach out to us at